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Investor relations

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Regulatory information

Documents prior to 31 December 2013 are available from Al Rayan Bank Executive Office at Executive.Office@alrayanbank.co.uk

Important information

Al Rayan Bank is a wholly Sharia compliant bank. However, on occasions third party documentation may prescribe the use of conventional banking terminology. Please note that on such occasions, Al Rayan Bank only follows established and fully approved Islamic finance principles.

To illustrate, terms used in third party documentation and the corresponding Islamic finance principle used are shown below:

Conventional banking terminology Islamic finance principle used by Al Rayan Bank
repayment redemption/payment (subject to context and product)
fixed profit fixed term deposit
repaid redeemed/paid (subject to context and product)
borrower customer
borrowing/borrow obtaining finance
lending financing
mortgages home finances/HPPs
lenders finance providers
loans/advances finances
notes sukuk
noteholders sukuk holders
interest charge Al Rayan Bank does not pay interest or charge any interest
interest profit or rent (subject to context and product)
loan to value finance to value
debt financial obligation

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