Debit & credit card fraud

Fraudsters and scammers use different techniques to steal your card or card details to take money from your account or buy items in your name.

Don't miss the signs

  • If someone knows your card details such as the 16-digit number, expiry date and the security code, then they can make purchases in your name
  • If you were sure you had funds in your account but your card was rejected, or if you’ve spotted unusual activity in your transactions history such as purchases or withdrawals, contact your bank as soon as possible

Protect yourself

  • Keep your cards with you anywhere you go and never hand over a card, particularly if you’re paying via the contactless method
  • Protect your banking information by keeping your statements, receipts etc. secure or by shredding them if you don’t need them
  • Sign new cards as soon as they arrive, and cut old cards through the magnetic strip and the chip once they’ve expired or been cancelled
  • Your Bank or Police will never get in touch with you to disclose your PIN, if you ever receive such a phone call or a text message, never disclose your PIN