Avoid Ramadan scams

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It’s estimated British Muslims will donate over £100 million to charity during Ramadan*. This generosity contributes to important work that helps strengthen communities and improve lives.

Unfortunately, online criminals are increasingly trying to take advantage of Muslim donors’ kindness at this time of year with scams that can have a devastating impact on victims.

This guide explains the different ways you might be contacted by a fraudster this Ramadan, some of the most common scams they may use and what you can do if you fall victim to a scam.

“Most fundraising is genuine, but some fraudsters and online criminals will try to exploit Muslims' generosity at Ramadan. Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam, and so we want to encourage people to be safe with their donating. We urge people to read through our ‘Avoid Ramadan Scams’ guide, to help ensure donations end up in the right hands and help those in need.”

- Maisam Fazal, Chief Commercial Officer, Al Rayan Bank

  • Check -Always check that the organisation you are giving to is a legitimate licensed charity. You can do this on the charities commission website: Charity Commission GOV.UK In Scotland check with the Scottish Charity Regulator and in Northern Ireland contact the Charity Commission Northern Ireland
  • Question -If you’re not sure, ask for information on past activity, such as how the charity is run and how it allocates its funds. A genuine charity will be happy to answer your questions
  • Pause - Never feel pressured into making an immediate donation. Take time to research an organisation before donating
  • Talk -If you’re unsure about an organisation that is asking you for money, discuss it with your family or other people you can trust
  • Don't click -Criminals often send emails with links to fake websites or attachments that contain viruses. if you want to donate online, type in the charity’s website address from your internet browser

Doorstep scams

Email and online scams

Telephone scams

Checking charity credentials

What to do if you are victim to a scam 

Useful contacts

*Figures around donations are always estimates. For more information please contact the Muslim Charities Forum.