Tom Comley, Senior Information Security Specialist

I joined the Bank last September as the Senior Information Security Specialist.

During my short time at the Bank, the achievement I’m most proud of is our ISO27001 certification. The Bank had been working on it for several years prior to my appointment, and so to be able to come in, understand the business and implement the Information Security Management System within such a short time has been incredibly rewarding.

Right from my first day, everyone here was welcoming and the really positive culture around the Bank makes it a great place to work. My role here is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Bank’s assets and data. 

I believe a key part of doing my job successfully is to understand the entire organisation; only then can I know how to support my colleagues to work safely, but also effectively. My goal is that my team and I empower everyone in the Bank to go about their jobs safely and we do this through having the most secure systems, controls and practices in place. 

In recognition of the fact that the security landscape is fast-changing, whether it’s new threats or new technologies, the Bank is continuously adopting new baselines for security. We really can’t afford to rest on our laurels, and we don’t. In fact, I believe a key factor behind our success is our ability to adapt, and therefore to continually grow and improve. 

I’m proud to say my team are really proactive – we’re always out and about meeting colleagues and teams across the Bank. We’re actively protecting the Bank and our customers from vulnerabilities and potential threats, and we want to work closely with colleagues to understand how we can best do that. 


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