Ashraf Monem, Head of Treasury

My career began in Damascus, Syria, in 2003, where I worked in a range of sectors such as Telecom, Real Estate, Financial Services, and took roles spanning data analytics, financial modelling, relationship management, and portfolio management. 

After pursuing a master's degree in Banking, I began studying for my Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification. A defining moment awaited as I became one of the fortunate few awarded the Chevening Scholarship - one of the top scholarships for master's degree courses in the UK. 

But the journey was fraught with the challenges of war.

The decision to leave behind a thriving career and embrace a new chapter in the UK was overwhelming, both for myself and my family. 


In a new country, I immersed myself in my studies at the University of Birmingham. Upon the completion of my studies, in 2017 I found myself in a new adventure with Al Rayan Bank, a workplace that not only values diversity but also champions the potential within each individual.


My role as Head of Treasury involves maintaining and managing the Bank's Funds within our risk appetite. It involves overseeing liquidity, managing the Treasury portfolio, monitoring market dynamics, and advising the Bank on potential scenarios that could impact the Balance Sheet.

I actively engage with stakeholders, including regulators, financial institutions, large corporations, and industry experts. Building and nurturing these relationships is vital, as they provide access to resources that align with Treasury objectives and the broader Bank strategy.

The positive culture of the Bank is incredibly motivating and fulfilling. I've been able to witness the direct impact of my efforts on final results, which is immensely rewarding. Moreover, the Bank has provided me with opportunities to advance my career and take on new challenges, knowing that my hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed.

In fact, I believe that the Bank's success can be attributed to our proactive approach to managing evolving economic scenarios, coupled with the agility to make timely decisions. 

Yet amongst all this change, some important things have remained the same. For example, the remarkably warm and welcoming atmosphere, where colleagues show a strong sense of support and appreciation for one another.

Looking towards the future, I believe that the Bank is on a solid trajectory for the future; it's clear that we are cementing our status in the market by consistently delivering on our promises and maintaining our position as the most trusted Sharia-compliant bank in the UK. 


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