Shumyla Moghul, Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking

I initially joined the Bank in January 2018 as a Transaction Manager in Commercial Banking, working closely with Relationship Managers, clients and other stakeholders to manage and execute the end-to-end financing arrangement. I was very happy in the role but left in September 2022 to take another role outside of the Bank.

Eight months later I returned to the Bank as a Relationship Manager in the Commercial Banking team. Here I build and maintain relationships with real estate clients, understand their financing requirements, and provide Sharia-complaint solutions.

This role was a great opportunity for me; allowing me to use my existing experience as Transaction Manager, together with the additional skills, experience and understanding of the marketplace I’d gained. But my return to Al Rayan Bank was about more than a great job. My time away had given me a new appreciation for what a great employer and team I had at Al Rayan Bank. 

Al Rayan Bank continues to go from strength to strength and it’s a truly exciting time to be on board. As the UK’s leading and most successful Islamic Bank, a combination of factors such as our customer-centric approach, ethical banking practices, diverse workforce and strategic business decisions contribute to our continued success in the financial industry.


Our new best-in-class Head Office in London is a real testament to the strength of the Bank’s strategy and commitment to our premier and commercial customers. 

Finding the right workplace is crucial for career satisfaction and growth. Women are seizing remarkable opportunities in the banking sector, breaking barriers, and making substantial strides in leadership roles. With a growing focus on diversity and inclusion, Al Rayan Bank is actively promoting women into key positions, fostering a more dynamic and resilient industry for the benefit of us all. The Bank embodies a commitment to employee development; actively fostering an inclusive culture and prioritizing both professional and personal wellbeing. It is also integrating Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into its core strategies. 

I am immensely proud to be part of my bank, witnessing its remarkable growth. The future is filled with endless possibilities. The dynamic environment and collective commitment to excellence make every day a source of inspiration. 

I am excited to contribute to our continued success and be a key player in the Bank's promising journey ahead.


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