Nigel Springett, Head of Credit Sanctioning.

What initially attracted me to work at Al Rayan Bank, was the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in areas beyond my specific role; to deal with multiple departments including senior management; and have ample scope to add value and influence decision making. Several years later and these key factors are still very important to me.

My first role was as Senior Commercial Credit Risk Manager, essentially providing credit risk oversight and review of commercial finance applications; review of the commercial and retail books; and providing credit risk support to commercial business colleagues. 

In 2022, I commenced my current role as Head of Credit Sanctioning. It’s my job to ensure that all credit sanctioning is undertaken in line with the Bank’s appetite, relevant policies, procedures and authority levels across the business units. I manage a small team of experts covering analysis of the Bank’s provisioning; and production of reporting. I have ongoing contact with senior management, as well as multiple teams across the Bank, including our Risk department; Commercial and Premier business; Finance; and Real Estate administration.

Throughout my time here I have fully embraced both the challenges of ongoing change, and the opportunities I have been given to add value and play my part in building and developing the Bank. Although the Bank has been in a long period of evolution and transformation, one thing that has remained consistent over the years: my colleagues’ sense of humour, as well as their commitment in the face of hurdles; essential ingredients in any successful organisation.

During my time here the culture has evolved, as have the organisational structures, staff benefits packages and opportunities to develop. I’m really glad to see this commitment in people because I believe our success lies with the people who have invested their time, energy and skills in working here. 

A combination of organic growth and development of staff, together with the addition of external skills and knowledge brought in over the years has significantly increased the capability of the work force, directly impacting our ability to grow and develop.

And what of our future? Our business has evolved and grown thanks to our forward-looking strategy. This now provides the chance for employees to challenge themselves and to take up the opportunities that the Bank affords, and in doing so, we will continue to drive forward.

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