Sherif Ragab, Premier Relationship Manager

My role is busy and interesting; I’m a dedicated relationship manager for Premier clients from the GCC region. Exceptional client service is a key component of my role.

I have been with the Bank for 8 years, and during my time here, I have seen many positive changes, for example there is now with a heightened focus on employee wellbeing, physical and mental. Our head office in London and our new premises in Birmingham also demonstrate the Bank’s commitment to creating a comfortable environment, conducive to delivering a great day’s work. 

Professionally the Bank offers me a lot. There are opportunities for growth and development; alignment with the company’s culture and values; meaningful work; the ability to make an impact; strong relationships and positive team dynamics; consistent recognition and appreciation. 

A lot has changed over the years at Al Rayan Bank but what has stayed consistent - and valuable to me - is that sense of being part of a family within our organisation. It is wonderful to know that my voice matters and is genuinely listened to. Our senior managers have always been approachable, open to ideas, and willing to consider suggestions.

I attribute the Bank’s success to effective leadership, understanding the target market and sound financial management. These are underpinned by a talented workforce, compliance with Sharia standards and regulations, strategic partnership with Masraf al Rayan, and operational efficiency.

The Bank is poised for a promising future and I’m looking forward to promoting the Bank’s fantastic products and services to our Premier GCC Customers.


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