Keith Fitzsimons

Keith Fitzsimons, Real Estate Team Manager

I joined the Bank five years ago as Real Estate team manager. During my time in the Bank I have had this single role, but it has evolved so much that I’ve had great opportunities to learn and develop. 

Since I joined, I’ve been involved in many different projects. Thanks to the size and culture of the Bank, I’ve really been able to gain understanding about the multiple aspects involved. I believe that this has really helped me grow and develop in my role, not only because I understand how my work contributes to the success of the Bank, but also it gives me an insight into how processes and procedures can be improved to work better for my team, our customers and colleagues in the Bank, by constantly listening to their feedback. 

Working at Al Rayan Bank is a collaborative experience. One moment you’ll be speaking to your colleagues, the next it will be the Executive. There’s a real sense that we are all striving to move forward together. 

The Bank has created a culture where I feel empowered to make decisions and change things to improve structure and operating rhythm. I see it in action with my own manager and in turn, this is how I manage my own team. I believe that this culture, together with the transparency and openness you see across the Bank, has created an energy that drives colleagues’ desire to improve and change. 

Our culture has created a mindset where we ask ourselves constantly if what we are doing is safe for ourselves and our customers. It’s not just about getting stuff out the door, it’s about making sure that we do everything right. 

While we have experienced a lot of change in recent years, one very important thing has stayed the same: we’re a community that supports each other. I believe this sense of being one team has laid strong foundations on which our current and future success rests. At our Bank it is okay to say you don’t know what to do, or that you need help. We can have difficult conversations with each other when they’re needed. But on the flip side of this, colleagues are recognised, and success is celebrated. There are many opportunities for development and learning right across the Bank. 

One thing is certain: we must keep evolving to keep pace with customer expectations and in the short term, this will mean having more of a digital offering in both process and delivery. In advance of our part of the business going digital, we have already created collateral that will be able to transfer to a new digital platform. We will need to embrace some of the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence can bring. While this may be a challenge, I’m confident we can meet it head on. 

I for one am excited to see where we go next.


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