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Your Current and Savings accounts

We answer the commonly asked questions about the Bank, our products and services and Islamic finance in general

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Saving FAQs

Our Sharia compliant savings products let you profit from your savings while remaining true to Islamic teachings. We do not offer you interest on your savings.

Our products and services

Al Rayan Bank focuses on banking activities which are in keeping with the ethical values of Islam.

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    Home finance

    Pay rent not interest when you purchase or refinance a property with ARB

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    Profits generated from ethical activities which are lawful under Sharia

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    Fraud and security

    Understand the common threats and learn how to stay safe online

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    Other products

    Further help to manage your finances in line with your faith and values

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The new way to manage your accounts online

Register for Digital Banking and manage your account on the move through our Mobile Banking app, or from the comfort of your own home through the Desktop Portal.