Driving into the Future: Jonathan McVicar shares his electric journey with the Bank’s EV Scheme

Jonathan McVicar, Head of People Operations, is one of many colleagues to take advantage of the Bank’s Electric Car Scheme. Here he shares his reasons on why he chose to take part in the scheme.

Why did you decide to lease an electric car through the Bank’s scheme?
We needed to replace one of our cars and we were interested in going electric. Electric cars, just like any other car, are expensive to buy new and using our salary sacrifice EV scheme gave us an opportunity to get an electric family car at a price that was right for us. The cost saving by using salary sacrifice is significant compared to leasing an electric vehicle directly.

What's the best thing about it?
I love the tech in an electric car and also the convenience of having a subscription that includes all vehicle maintenance. We have saved considerably on fuel costs in the four months we’ve had the car. My children love the fact it is better on the environment than our old diesel car.

Is there a drawback that you weren't aware of?
Range Anxiety is a thing! Your mindset has to shift away from conventional fuel range, and I had to teach myself not to panic when it says that I only have 30 miles left. The range is actually very accurate, but the weather can have an effect, particularly the cold. We did our research before we picked our car to ensure the mileage range was what we needed. I comfortably get from my home in mid-Wales to our office in Birmingham and back in all conditions which was the requirement for us.

Would you recommend electric cars to friends and colleagues?
100%. Manufacturers are investing heavily in their EV ranges, and without doubt it’s the future of motoring. The charging infrastructure is improving, and we have never had an issue finding a charger on the occasions we have done long journeys or trips away.

Would you have any advice?
If you’re considering getting an electric car, do your homework and ask EV owners about how it works for them. There are lots of myths and scaremongering about owing an electric car, and whilst it may not be for everyone, I found that nearly all my concerns were unfounded.

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