Somebody making an online purchase holding a debit card

Confirmation of Payee

Whether you’re paying a company, a friend, or a family member, you want to be confident that the payment you are making is sent to the correct person.

We will be implementing Confirmation of Payee over two phases.

Phase one – incoming payments

When someone is looking to make a new payment to an Al Rayan Bank account in your name, we will allow access to the Confirmation of Payee service so they will be able to check that the details they are using are correct. This should ensure the money arrives safely.

Phase two – outgoing payments

When you set up a new payee from an Al Rayan Bank account in your name, the payees account holder’s name will be checked against the account details held with their own Bank or Building Society. We will then tell you if the details you have entered are a ‘match’, ‘partial match’ or ‘no match’.

•    Match – the name you’ve entered match the person or business you’re trying to pay.

If everything you have entered is correct, we'll let you know and you can continue with the payment.

•    Partial match – the account is registered to someone with a similar name.

If you enter a name that’s similar but not an exact match to the account holder’s, we’ll show you their actual name for you to check. You can then choose to update the details and try again or confirm them with the person or company you’re trying to pay.

•    No match – the details you’ve entered don’t match the account and aren’t similar.

If you enter the wrong name or reference, we’ll let you know that the details don’t match so you can contact the person or company you’re trying to pay. You should always be wary of making payments when the details don’t match.

From time to time, you may also see other responses, such as a when we can’t complete a check because the account holder’s Bank or Building Society doesn’t support Confirmation of Payee, or the account holder has opted out of the service, or secondary reference data is required. If this happens, please double check the payment details with the person or business you’re paying.