Our vision and values

Our vision

To be the UK’s first choice ethical, Sharia compliant bank.

Our promise

To be the leading provider of ethical, Sharia compliant retail banking services in the UK, delivering long term value for customers, staff and shareholders. We are committed to five core principles, which are the key to what makes us different and good.

Our values

Sharia compliant 

Everything we do will be in line with our values. Following the Sharia, we will conduct our activity in a fair, ethical and socially responsible manner.


We will be a dynamic, inspiring and pioneering organisation, which offers unique solutions to our customers.


We will build strong, enduring relationships, delivering an experience that delights our customers.


We’ll be professional and will fulfil our promises, delivering high quality products and services.


As part of the Masraf Al Rayan Group of companies, we have a long term commitment to Islamic finance, with the credibility and stability to deliver for our customers.

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