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Customers are at the heart of everything that Al Rayan Bank does, which is why we were delighted that our excellent customer service was recently recognised by the Move Your Money campaign, a comparison of just over 70 UK and global banking providers on five key categories - customer service, honesty, culture, supporting the economy and ethics.

But what do our customers say about us? Here is a selection of their comments:

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Nazeera says:

We want to thank you so very much for all your help with our Home Purchase Plan application. You were really helpful throughout the whole process explaining everything in detail, answering all our questions and queries etc.

Jazakillah Khair for your kindness, politeness and excellent customer service.

We will definitely be recommending you to all our friends who are looking to buy property in the near future. May Allah reward you and all at the bank for helping Muslims of today live their everyday financial life in accordance with Sharia.

Lorna Daniels says:

I was drawn to (the Bank) for the market-leading profit rate being offered for the 24 month Fixed Term Deposit Account but it was the Bank’s top-rate customer service that really overwhelmed me.  They really knows how to treat their customers well and the big high street banks have a long way to go if they want to match their standards.

I found the call centre staff member extremely helpful and friendly, making the whole process easy and efficient. I have accounts with other banks, but my experience with them does not compare. It’s refreshing to find a bank which lives up to their promise of putting the customer first.

Dr Mohammad E Haque says:

Being able to manage my finances ‘Islamically’ is one of the most important ways of ensuring my overall financial wellbeing. Other product features are important but the overriding feature that matters to me is to make sure that I can conduct my finances without interest, as per the expectations of my faith.

Gordon Cope says:

I was searching on the net and came across a new bank to myself; I looked on the net to check out security etc. and rang the bank. I spoke to a very pleasant gentleman and he was more than helpful by comparison to other banks I’ve dealt with on the phone - he was excellent! I was most impressed.

Akhtar Uzzaman says:

For me it’s about being consistent with the values of my faith. Islam requires that we do not involve ourselves with usurious transactions and Islamic finance, for me, is a stepping stone towards meeting that criteria, and also looking at finance and economic activity in a more ethical way. Watch Aktar Uzzaman talking to the BBC

Mohammad Rehman says:

I wanted to find a bank that wouldn’t take unnecessary foolhardy risks with my money.

I was looking for an ethical bank.  I was looking for a Sharia compliant bank that agreed with my faith.  I was very happy when they (Al Rayan Bank) were introduced into the British financial market. I thought ‘I’ll try them, they seem to know what they are doing; they’ve branches in the right places, one not too far from me.’ So I went ahead and started an account.

On the telephone service the agents are very helpful, they’re very friendly.  They always know what they’re talking about; they always deal with my queries quickly, very efficiently.  If they have any reason to call me back, they do so; I don’t have to chase them. 

So, customer service has been very good.

Mujib Rahman says:

This bank provides me the services and accounts on the basis on Sharia compliant procedures; plus the return from this bank, at this moment, is better than the other banks in the market. So, it complies with both my religious belief and (my wish for) financial gain.

I think their customer service is very good.  I’ve visited different branches at different times; I have also telephoned at various times.  They’re very polite and they’re very courteous; very helpful in general.  So, I think the customer service is very good.”

Muhammad Faizal Islam says:

I believe this bank and myself are working in a partnership to make our surroundings a better place, through business and commerce.

This is a normal high street bank; you get all of the necessary services. Customer services are very friendly, they are good people, you can deal with them and you are safe and secure in terms of your money. At the same time, the bank is ensuring that your faith side, philosophy side, is also catered for.

I feel that, because it is a smaller bank, it is a bank that has to value its customers more than anything else.  This bank looks after its customers because they know that every customer is important, and their recommendation is very important.”

Salma Shaikh, Chairperson of Al-Meezan (a non-profit, non-political organisation), says:

“For organisations like ours it’s important that we do not compromise the values that are important to us in the path towards growth.  We feel it’s a win-win situation to have (Al Rayan Bank) as our finance partner with which we share our Islamic and ethical values.”

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