Stay safe online

Our mobile banking application has been developed with the highest security features embedded but we all have a role to play to ensure systems are safe.

Stay safe online

Following the below recommendations will help to ensure that you have the most safe and secure experience when using our systems.

  • Keep your device and related applications up to date. Security weaknesses are commonly fixed through updates; additional security features are also often deployed this way
  • Make sure you’re running a good anti-virus protection and keep it up to date. Online fraudsters can attempt to steal information through malicious code or programs, ensuring that you have an effective anti-virus is running is a simple way to combat this
  • Keep your devices and login information secure. Your devices and login information are your way of accessing your bank account information online. If other people have access to these, they can try to gain access in the same way as if you gave someone the keys to your house.
  • Log off after you have finished using any banking application. This will ensure the session you have been using is not left open to be used or compromised in any way
  • Make sure security controls on your devices are not turned off by default. This includes anti-virus, firewalls and other such features. These work in conjunction with our own protective measures to enhance the overall security set

If you think you’ve fallen victim to a scam, if someone has taken money from your account or if you’ve accidently given your details to a fraudster, please report it immediately to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or online. Please also inform us as soon as possible:

  • You can email us at
  • Give us a call or visit a branch; please visit the contact us page for our up to date contact details

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