Fixed Term Deposits

Earn the highest level of profit on your savings with a fixed term deposit.

These Sharia compliant savings accounts tend to pay the highest rate of profit of all our savings accounts. However, you need to lock your money away for a fixed period of time, agreed at the outset. You won't be able to get access to your money during that period. Also the minimum deposit required is a little higher than for other accounts.

We offer a range of fixed term deposits and the longer you lock your money away, the better the return.

Fixed term deposit accounts are suitable for customers who have at least £1,000 to invest, who want to earn the highest rate of profit and don't need access to their money for a period of time. If you need the flexibility of instant withdrawals, you might like to consider our range of instant access savings accounts. Or if you are looking for a higher rate of profit but would prefer a shorter period of investment, consider our notice savings accounts.

Term Expected profit rate When profit is reinvested Min deposit amount  
12 Month FTD 1.30%* 1.31%** £1,000 Find out more
18 Month FTD 1.40%*  1.41%**  £1,000 Find out more
24 Month FTD 1.50%*  1.51%**  £1,000 Find out more
36 Month FTD 1.60%* 1.61%**  £1,000 Find out more
12 Month FTD Cash ISA 1.09%* 1.09%**  £1,000 Find out more

*Gross p.a. Terms & conditions apply.
**Where profit is reinvested and paid on maturity.

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