Your savings needs

Are you looking to save for something special? Perhaps you are planning Hajj, or are thinking about moving home; maybe you are beginning to plan your retirement. Al Rayan Bank has a range of Sharia compliant accounts for you, which should match your savings needs.

Your savings need Al Rayan Bank solution Advantages Disadvantages
“I need to be able to access my money whenever I want.”

Instant Access Cash ISA

Instant access savings accounts

You can get hold of your money straight away. These types of accounts typically offer the lowest level of returns.
“I’m happy to lock money away for a set length of time but want to earn from my savings” Notice access accounts

Short-term Fixed Term Deposits
Reasonable returns where your savings are earning good levels of profit. Access to your money is restricted by the notice period or the term of the deposit.
“I want a high level of growth in my savings and in return I am willing to lock my money away for a longer period." Fixed Term Cash ISA

Mid-term and Long-term Fixed term deposits

Investment products
Higher levels of return. Even less access than short term savings.
“I want the highest level of growth over the long term and accept that there will be no access to my money for this period.” Investment products Has the potential to exceed the returns offered by traditional cash deposit accounts. Very restricted access to your money. Introduces an element of risk.