Ramadan message 2014

Dear brothers & sisters

Assalam-u-Alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak

The month of blessings has begun and the Muslim community is turning its attention to towards fasting, praying, Zakah (Alms) and good deeds. Ramadan is a gift from Allah and in order to maximise its benefits Muslims reflect upon what they can do that will improve their lives, both in this world and the next.

Consequently, this is a busy time for the Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB), which this year celebrates its 10 year anniversary. The Bank plays an important role by helping Muslims to conduct their finances in a Sharia compliant way. After all, financial matters are an essential part of our lives which should complement our spiritual efforts, rather than contradict them.

Many Muslims agree, and as a result, over the last decade, IBB has attracted over 50,000 customers. The Bank has enabled them to finance their homes and businesses without interest and earn a halal return on their savings.

IBB has also taken an active role in the community, providing information and education on the different aspects of finances in Islam. These include Zakat, tax-efficient Sharia compliant savings and, of course, the basics of Sharia finance. Our guests are always grateful for the events that we hold which are informative, enlightening and bring the community together for the common good.

As of January 2014, IBB became part of Masraf Al Rayan Q.S.C., a Qatar-based Islamic bank and the fifth largest Islamic bank in the world. As a result, IBB begins this Ramadan with a new chapter which will see it build upon its achievements of the last 10 years.

It is said that Ramadan is month in which prayers are accepted. So may Allah guide the efforts of the Bank and bless it with success. Above all, may He accept the physical and spiritual efforts that we are all making in order to please Him during this blessed month. We pray to Allah to keep us in the best of health and faith and let us grow closer to Him as we seek His forgiveness, mercy and blessings.


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