Business Mobile Banking

To use the new Mobile Banking Business app, you'll need to download it from the App Store or Google Play. Your mobile devices must be operating at least version 12 (iOS) and version 8 (Android).

We're making mobile banking for business simpler, quicker, easier and more secure for our business customers. The new Mobile Banking Business app provides innovate ways to display account content and makes viewing detailed information simpler. The intuitive navigation allows Business customers to move easily between accounts.

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The Mobile Banking Business app allows you to:

  • Transfer money between accounts and check your balance on the go.
  • Create, change and manage regular payments, such as standing orders and Direct Debits.
  • Make different types of payments, such as pay a bill, pay existing contacts and set up new ones.
  • View and download statements.
  • Set up notifications.
  • View balances of accounts that you have with us in one place.


You have a choice on how to register for the Mobile Banking Business app. You can register either through a user identification process or a face identification process. If you are having difficulties with one route, you can always try the other.

To complete registration you will need:

  • An Al Rayan Bank account number, displayed on your welcome letter, statement or debit card (User ID method)
  • Photo identification, either a passport or driving licence (Face ID method)

User ID registration video guide | Face ID registration video guide | Other video guides

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