An introduction to Al Rayan Bank

Al Rayan Bank has been pioneering British Islamic banking since 2004. It is the Uk's oldest and largest wholly Sharia compliant retail bank, and operates entirely without interest, or Riba, which is forbidden in Islam.

So Al Rayan Bank offers savings accounts which pay profit, and home finance based on joint ownership and rent. Everything Al Rayan Bank does is in line with Islamic values; conducting economic activity in a fair, ethical and socially responsible manner.

With branches and offices across the UK, and by developing close, open relationships with its customers, Al Rayan Bank aims to be an intrinsic part of the local communities which it serves.

Taking a prudent and transparent approach to managing its customers' money Al Rayan Bank provides products that combine attractive features and competitive profit and finance rates. Above all Al Rayan Bank offers customers an ethical and socially responsible alternative to conventional banking.

We call this "Banking you can believe in".