A Ramadan message from our CCO

28 April 2020

Dear brothers & sisters.  Assalamu Alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak. I pray that this message finds you well.

Ramadan is a time for Muslims to reflect on our many blessings and contemplate how we could help those less fortunate than ourselves. As Covid-19 sweeps the globe this Ramadan, the hardships it has brought are the front of our minds.

It is true that this Ramadan is unlike any that we have experienced before. There are no large Iftars shared with friends, no communal prayers, and some of us may also be grieving our loved ones we have recently lost. Many may also be struggling emotionally and financially.

But this crisis has confirmed the things which are most precious in life. Ramadan is not dependent on extravagant Iftar spreads or even the people we share them with.  Ramadan is dependent wholly on our intentions and actions.

Zakat is an act of worship and one of the pillars of Islam, which many of us pride ourselves in offering during Ramadan.  However, coronavirus has adversely affected many people’s financial situation, and this may mean that you are not able to give as much as you would like to, this year.

If you find yourself facing such a challenge, it is important to remember that money is not the only thing you can give. Good intention is all you need to be able to carry out charitable acts this Ramadan and enjoy the blessings of spreading goodness.  Take the initiative to reach out to someone you think may need to talk. Giving your time and attention can help to take away a person’s loneliness and replace it with happiness.

Let this crisis remind us what the holy month is truly about and focus on helping people. Let us all look out for our friends, family and all vulnerable people at this difficult time. We may be apart, but by channelling the spirit of Ramadan we can make it through together.

On behalf of everybody at Al Rayan Bank, we pray that you and your families receive the great rewards and blessings of Ramadan. Ameen

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