Account charges

If you do not hold a UK passport and your main residence is not in the UK, additional charges will apply to any Current Account you hold with Al Rayan Bank.

These charges cover the additional cost of administration incurred by the Bank where customers are not ordinarily resident in the UK. The Bank will waive the additional charges if you meet the threshold.

The monthly maintaining the account charge and counter fees are fully detailed in our Fee Information Document and highlighted in the table below.

Maintaining the account

The monthly fee will be £20 per month per current account and the fees will be waived if you
hold at least £50,000 on deposit with Al Rayan Bank (UK) or if you are a Home Purchase Plan
Premier customer.

Plus a counter fee

All transactions at Knightsbridge branch counter if you do not meet the threshold - £5 per transaction (max £5 per day)

The debit card limit will be as follows

Daily withdrawal limit at any ATM £750
Daily card purchase limit £20,000

For your own benefit and protection, you should carefully read the following terms and conditions.