Al Rayan Bank and NZF in partnership towards Zakat education

Al Rayan Bank's Zakat Education Partner is the National Zakat Foundation (NZF), a charity which collects and distributes funds to Muslims in the UK.

Since its launch in 2011, NZF has collected over £3.3 million of Zakat for the purposes of local distribution, having supported almost 3,000 individuals and families in need, and launched four supported housing projects around the country.

The charity's beneficiaries include the homeless, refugees, asylum seekers, ex-offenders, single parents and victims of domestic abuse.

NZF CEO, Iqbal Nasim, talks to Al Rayan Bank Senior Head of Marketing & Retail Sales, Tim Sinclair, about the significance of Zakat in Islam, why NZF focuses all its activities within Britain and the value of the partnership between Al Rayan Bank and NZF.