Five free activities for half term

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Although the kids have just gone back to school after the summer holidays, as any parent knows, October half term will be with us before we know it! Keeping kids occupied can be an expensive business. If you’re looking for some ideas for activities that don’t cost a penny, look no further:

Bike ride: Before winter sets in and blankets, popcorn and movie days seem more attractive, a bike ride is a great activity. Always popular with children, riding a bike is not only free, but also a fun way to exercise for all the family. Being out and about discovering the area, whizzing through muddy puddles and improving (or learning) riding skills, is a treat for children of all ages. Whether in the countryside or the local park, riding a bike makes for a fun day of exploration and adventure. The National Trust has some great family bike rides throughout the UK.

Picnic: We know what you are thinking - a picnic in October? Yes, before the weather becomes too cold (although it may be a good idea to have shelter, such as local bandstand, in case of rain). And who said a picnic must be cold? You can pack a warmer option – hot soup for example. Of course, if it is cold and wet, you can have an indoor picnic. Look for free half term activities for children, many of which will be at local indoor venues which are perfect for a picnic, or simply lay a blanket on the floor of your house.

Sale/Charity giving: Why not put the holiday to good use by getting the kids to clear out their old things? It can be fun going through old belongings together, and playing ‘remember when’ – discussing where items came from and of course how much old clothes show they’ve grown! Depending on what they have, they may be able to make some money by selling their old belongings – all while decluttering your house. Or they can donate their things to their friends, family or charity – allowing them to experience the joy of helping others.

Treasure hunt: Another perfect activity for October as it can be inside or outside, without impacting on the fun. All you need to do is hide some ‘treasure’ and then create clues that your kids can follow. Depending on their age, you can write out clues for them to read themselves, or you can accompany them and help them. The beauty of this game is that no one will want to give up before the treasure has been found!

Camping indoors: If the weather turns nasty, and thoughts of warmer days spent outside seem like a distant memory, why not brighten up everyone’s day with indoor camping? Kids will love to make a shelter using blankets, sheets, and even cardboard boxes – anything you have available. Kids will love to build a house, a fort or castle, the inside of a starship or an explorer’s tent …. The only limit will be their imagination.

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