Cost of living

Living 650 X 300When people want to measure the cost of living, they talk about how much it costs to buy common household items such as a pint of milk, a loaf of white bread and half a dozen eggs. We take a look at how much these items have increased over the past 100 years, and if the rate at which they have increased stays the same, how much will they cost in 2119.

100 years ago
It’s 1919. Soldiers are still returning home from the first world war which ended the year before. King George V is on the throne and in Versailles, France, world leaders are working on a Peace Treaty.

Back in Britain, you pop into the local greengrocers to buy three things:
• Pint of milk: 2p
• Loaf of white bread, not sliced or wrapped: 1.5p
• Half a dozen farm fresh eggs: 11p

The total cost is 14.5p

50 years ago
It’s 1969. Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 17 years, the whole nation is captivated as they watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.

You go to the small supermarket on your High Street to pick up a little shopping, including:
• Pint of milk: 4p
• Loaf of white bread, sliced and wrapped: 10.5p
• Half a dozen small eggs: 9p

The total cost is 23.5p

It’s 2019. Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 67 years making her the longest reigning British monarch in history, technology is far more advanced than we could have imagined – the technology in a pocket calculator now greater than that used to put man on the moon – and England wins the Cricket World Cup.

You drive to your favourite out of town supermarket for your weekly shop, including three items:
• Half a litre of milk: 49p
• Loaf of white bread, sliced and wrapped: 99p
• Half a dozen battery eggs: 93p

The total cost is: £2.38p

100 years into the future
It’s 2119. Queen Charlotte’s daughter is on the throne, we are celebrating the victory over global warming across the world, and the first virtual coins in the new global currency have been released.

You used your watch to order three items from the retro food shop seven minutes ago and you’re awaiting delivery.
• Half a litre of milk: £12
• Loaf of white bread, vacuum sealed: £65.34
• Half a dozen hen eggs: £7.86

The total cost could be: £85.20*

We hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane and a glimpse into the possible future. The 2119 food price* forecasted are based on the average price increases between 1919 and 2019.

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