Smart snacks

Snack 650 X 300Who doesn’t enjoy a snack? In a recent UK survey of 3,500 people, 40% revealed that they were more likely to snack at work in the afternoon, when energy levels dip. By eating healthier snacks at these times, you’ll just find yourself full – not full of regret.

Here are five snack ideas, but you can get creative by using our Golden Rules for designing snacks of your own.

Golden Rules for Snacks
• Be smart: try to eat two of the three main macronutrients, protein, carbohydrates and fat, together with fibre to keep you fuller, longer
• Be realistic: your snacks must be suitable for your workplace. Do you have access to a fridge for food that needs to be chilled? Or facilities to wash up if you bring something in like hummus?
• Be organised: pack your snacks the night before and keep what you can at your workplace to minimise your chances of forgetting and reaching for the unhealthier – but readily available – snack options
• Be mindful: moderation is key with snacking as this isn’t a replacement meal. Take time with your food – even just a few minutes will help you to savour and enjoy your food, and help you not to eat it all without even noticing
• Be warm: drinking a cup of tea, coffee or hot water with your snack will help you to slow down and help you feel satisfied – especially useful as the colder months approach.

1. Fruit, nuts and seeds
For the ultimate in non-perishable snack food that you can keep at work, try dried fruit and nuts. It has a good balance of all three macronutrients, healthy fats, protein, carbohydrate and lots of fibre. You can easily make your own blend at home to include your favourites.

2. Apple and Peanut butter
Peanut butter is high in protein, rich in a number of vitamin and minerals, a good source of dietary fibre and healthy fat. Apples are readily available year round, high in fibre and give you an all-natural sweet treat. You can even keep a jar of peanut butter in your workplace.

3. Hummus and vegetables
Hummus is high in protein and an excellent source of healthy fat and fibre. Pair it with raw vegetables of your choice, which are bursting with vitamins, for a balanced and satisfying snack, that will help you reach your Five a Day.

4. Yoghurt and Berries
If you want a snack packed with calcium, protein, and probiotics, then plain Greek-style yoghurt and fresh berries is a great snack choice. Just be careful not to buy the sugar- laden varieties. If you need a touch of sweetness try a drizzle of honey and if you’ve got fruit and nuts with you, a sprinkle of those will add some crunch.

5. High fibre crackers
The beauty of crackers is that not only can you buy ones with healthy fats, protein and fibre, but they’re easy to store at work. The downside is you really must have them with toppings to make them filling and tasty. Nutritious, filling toppings include peanut butter and banana, cheese (go for a mature one and slice it thinly so you eat less) and tomato, avocado or hummus.

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