Time capsule

Time - 650We are living through historic, unprecedented times. A single, novel virus suddenly and completely changed our lives in ways none of us could ever have imagined possible. It has impacted every area of our lives – personal, professional and academic – and will no doubt reshape our society in lasting ways.

In the future, people are going to ask what it was like to live through this time. What were you doing? How were you feeling? What was important to you? As amazing as it seems now, chances are, as the years go by, you won’t remember the small, personal details that will make your recollections so interesting to others.

By creating a time capsule, you will effectively be taking a snapshot of what your life is like right now and will capture thoughts, feelings and personal details about how you are living your life. Natalie Long of Long Creations has given permission to use her fantastic COVID-19 Time Capsule templates, which are available in both child and adult versions.

The Child’s time capsule pack is available for download here and includes:

  • A moment of history – where your child can record some of the details happening right now
  • A page to draw a family picture
  • Areas that take a snapshot of what their life is like right now, including:
    • All about me
    • How I’m feeling
    • My community
    • What I am doing at home
    • A handprint page for prints of everyone in the family
  • A sheet to mark special occasions
  • A letter to myself sheet
  • An interview with parents
  • A letter from parents

There are so many ways that creating a time capsule can benefit your children – and you. It helps your child to think about and articulate how they are feeling. It will help them to chat to you, as their parents, about how you’re feeling and give you both the opportunity to write about what is happening. Importantly, it gives your child an opportunity to reflect on what is happening in the wider community too.

Community has been one of the strongest things that has bought us the greatest pleasure during the pandemic. Perhaps your children clapped for the NHS and carers? Perhaps you or someone else in your family was a front-line worker, keeping the country safe, protected and fed? It can all be recorded in the time capsule.

The adult version of the time capsule is designed to help you keep a record of your COVID experience. It is available here and includes many of the same elements but with more opportunities for reflection.

We hope you spend a few happy hours making your time capsule, safe in the knowledge that the time investment now will bring real dividends in the years to come. When life returns to normal, we will marvel at our personal stories and recollections of these strange times.

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