Best Islamic Bank

AwardIn recognition of our commitment to providing ethical, Sharia-compliant personal and business finance products to both Muslim and non-Muslim customers in the UK, Al Rayan Bank has been named Best Islamic Bank of the Year by International Business Magazine.

The magazine, based in Dubai, has a global reach and its awards celebrate the best in class from across the world. This is the third consecutive year that we have been given this honour, but the accolades don’t stop there. In fact, our products, services and contribution to society have gained us no less than 36 awards in the last four years alone. These range from ‘Most Innovative Islamic Bank’ at the International Finance – Banking Awards, to ‘Sukuk Deal of the Year’ at Islamic Finance News Awards, to ‘Outstanding Customer Service Provider’ in the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce awards, to ‘Best Charity Notice Account Provider’ by Savings Champion Awards. We have even been asked to present prestigious awards ourselves, such as the British Muslim Awards.

Yet, despite this recognition, it might surprise you to learn that we don’t chase awards; many of the awards we win actually don’t rely in us having a team of people writing clever award entries on our behalf. More often than not, independent researchers chose the winners (as was the case with International Business Magazine).

What we do care about is staying true to our core values, which guide our decisions, actions and behaviours, underpin our customer service and drive our performance and growth.

Our key value is to follow the Sharia, and in doing so, conduct our activity in a fair, ethical and socially responsible manner. We have made a commitment to make Islamic finance as accessible as we can, and we have stuck to that ideal since the first day we opened our doors in 2004.

We are dedicated to our customers, and we aim to build strong, enduring relationships, and deliver excellent customer service.

And we want you to know that we remain aspirational. We are dedicated to continuing to provide excellent products and services, and for maintaining a climate of respect for our customers, our industry and our employees. And if that attracts awards and recognition from our industry then so be it; we will be honoured to receive them.

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