Safer banking online

SAFER 650 X 300Follow these five straightforward steps for SAFER online banking:

1. Set memorable passwords: Always choose and protect online passwords, but especially for online banking. Never use your online banking password on any other online account. Think of a memorable password that you don’t need to write down to remember

2. Always set a PIN on your mobile device – be that a smartphone or tablet – and that way all of your information will stay safe in the event of loss or theft. Choose one that isn’t easy to guess (avoiding groups in numerical order – such as 1234 or 4321 for example). Never share your PIN with anyone

3. Find secure networks: Never ever use unsecured Wi-Fi networks, that is ones that do not require a password or special screening process to get online, for banking, purchases or emails. If you are unsure if a hotspot is secure or not when out and about, err on the side of caution and do not use it. Use a 3G or 4G internet connection instead

4. Ensure maximum protection by using your device’s security settings and taking precautions against it being lost or stolen

5. Remember to log out. Always log out of your banking app or mobile website when you have finished using it. Closing the app or web page or turning off your device may not be sufficient.

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