Ramadan jar of gratitude

Jar 650 X 300

Lockdown, while not easy, certainly provides an opportunity for reflection and to consider what is important in our lives. Of course, these feelings are already heightened during Ramadan, a time for Muslims throughout the world to unite in contemplation and gratitude.

There is no doubt that Ramadan is very different this year.  Muslims are not able to join together every day to eat, pray and worship. Hopefully we will be able to participate in these cherished activities soon, as well as other things that we may have taken for granted just a few short weeks ago – spending time with loved ones, inviting a friend over, or simply walking in the park.

It might be helpful to look forwards to what you can do, when life returns to some form of normality. So why not create a Gratitude jar with the family members you live with this Ramadan? That way, you will all be able to capture these simple pleasures, give yourselves something to look forward to and have a reminder of what is really important in life.

Making one could not be easier. Take a clean jar and place it prominently in your house – perhaps your children could create a bright and colourful label. Place some spare paper and pens by the jar. Then every time you and your family think of something you’d like to do, a place you’d like to go to or someone you’d like to see. Then write it down and put it in the jar.

You can make your notes as creative as you like – if your children are too young to write, perhaps one of the adults in the house could write the activity down and they could provide an illustration.

When the restrictions are lifted, go through the jar and take time together to discuss the things you all missed – people, places and simple pleasures. This will help everyone to appreciate the true value of what we all too often call the ‘little’ things. But the best part is that that you can then enjoy those things together, with a deeper sense of renewed gratitude.

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