Hajj – what should you take?

Hajj 650 X 300

Hajj is the greater Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, which all Muslims are expected to make once during their lifetime if they can afford to do so and are of able body and mind. It is the fifth and final pillar of Islam and promotes the bonds of Islamic brother- and sisterhood, demonstrating that everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah. This year's Hajj is expected to fall between 19-24 August, depending on the official sighting of the crescent moon – hilal – in Saudi Arabia.

If you’re planning to Hajj or Umrah, either this year or in the future, take a look at our handy checklist, which outlines the basics you’ll need.

The golden rules to remember when packing are:
• It’s never too early to start – you need to be prepared
• You are required to take certain documentation
• The weather is likely to be hotter than you are used to
• You will be in very large crowds
• You may have to walk long distances

Please speak to your Hajj tour operator for more information.

• Passport and Visa, and photocopies. The Hajj authorities will take your passport upon arrival in Saudi Arabia and will return it when you depart
• Proof of vaccination
• Airline tickets
• Hotel booking receipt/proof of accommodation
• Passport photos x 4
• Proof of Hajj payment

• Local currency (Saudi riyals). How much money you will need will depend on what’s included in your package and your personal preferences, such as if you intend to buy presents. Please speak to your Hajj tour operator for guidance
• Bank card

Emergency Numbers
• Your group leader’s number
• The British Consulate General’s 24-hour emergency contact number for the Hajj period: +966501004268.

Prayer supplies
• Pocket Qur’an, dua books
• Hajj/Umrah books
• Pen and pencil
• Notebook
• Musalla (prayer mat)

• Collapsible reusable water bottle
• Energy bars
• Dates
• Nuts

Clothing & Shoes
• Comfortable walking sandals
• Comfortable cotton clothing
• Flip flops or non-slip slippers for bathrooms
• A small rucksack
• Large brimmed hat, sun screen and sun glasses

• Mobile phone
• Charger
• Universal adapter

• Sufficient medication to cover the trip
• Balm for sore feet
• Rehydration salts/drinks
• Unscented toiletries and petroleum jelly
• Toothbrush and tooth paste
• Unscented wipes

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