Fun (and free) Ramadan activities for kids

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These activities are designed to be fun, but also to help children understand the joy and wonder of Ramadan.

Make a good deeds calendar.

The reward for good deeds is multiplied during Ramadan, and a really good way to encourage children to keep up their deeds for a whole month is to make a good deeds calendar. You can come up with suitable good deeds together, such as being extra kind, writing to a relative or listening to the Qu’ran.

SmartArk, a company that creates Islamic educational resources for children, has a free downloadable good deeds calendar that you could either use, or base your own tailored calendar on.  Click here to find out more

If your children are older and would like to make their own calendar, you can find instructions on the Crayola website.

Read books about Ramadan and Eid.

There are a host of books about Ramadan and Eid for children that you can either read to them or, depending on their age, have them read to you. You can check them out of your library (or request them if the one you want is not available). You can also see if your friends have any books about Ramadan and Eid that you can borrow, and share yours.

Keep a Ramadan Journal.

This is an activity for an older child, who will be able to keep a journal during Ramadan which will include their thoughts and observations, but also photos, drawings and even small momentos such as a paper decoration, for example. This can become a treasured keepsake, and may help them prepare their own children for Ramadan in years to come.

Hunt the Moon.

The month of Ramadan begins with a new moon sighting, so take your children around your neighbourhood to see if you can find the new moon. If you do manage to spot it, say the dua for sighting the new moon. Depending on the age of your children, you may be able to memorise it with them beforehand so you can say it together.

Make Eid cards.

Encourage your children to write a list of everyone they can send an Eid card to - family, friends and neighbours. This is a great activity to help them think about loved ones who may live far away, and it’s also a good opportunity to help non-Muslim neighbours understand more about Ramadan and Eid. The cards can be made throughout Ramadan in preparation for the Eid celebrations.

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