Al Rayan Bank supports the Muslim Lifestyle Exhibition

Al Rayan Bank will sponseor and participate in a brand new event, dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the thriving and vibrant British Muslim lifestyle. The first event of its kind in the UK, Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2015 is an inclusive event that is open to people of all faiths. The event is to be held at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 1-2 August 2015.

Al Rayan Bank will use the event to showcase the range of Sharia compliant banking products that it offers. The Bank’s research1 indicates that 81% of Muslims either currently use, or would consider using, Islamic finance. In addition, a growing number of non-Muslims are choosing to bank with Al Rayan Bank, attracted to the Bank by its competitive products, its ethical approach to banking and its excellent customer service.

Sultan Choudhury, CEO, Al Rayan Bank, said: “We’re really pleased to be able to support the inaugural Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2015. The event provides an ideal opportunity for us to connect with many of the communities we serve, to educate about the importance of Sharia compliance for Muslims, and to tell people more about Al Rayan Bank and how our products and services differ from those offered by conventional banks.

Al Rayan Bank has pioneered Sharia compliant retail banking in the UK for the last 11 years, and through our experience and research, we have come to understand both the needs of the Muslim audience and the rapidly growing trend for non-Muslims to engage with our products and services because of the strong ethical foundations upon which they are built.”

In addition to Al Rayan Bank, there will be more than 70 other exhibitors, enabling visitors to find out about other products and services that are in-line with their values. In addition to Islamic finance, other sectors represented at Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2015 include Lifestyle, Travel, Food & Drink, Fashion, Creative Arts, and Health & Beauty. For more information about Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2015, please go to:

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