Investing in our people

Iip -650-x -200Al Rayan Bank employs more than 300 people and is committed to supporting each and every one of them to help them to realise their potential. That’s because we believe that our contribution to society begins on a micro-level, with fair dealings for our employees, expanding through the local community and across the UK.

That’s why we employ local talent and build their specialist knowledge in Islamic finance and the financial services sector.

It's also why we believe that a fair day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay, and so voluntarily pay a ‘Living Wage’, which is significantly higher than the ‘National Living Wage’ set by the government.

In addition we also provide family friendly benefits for all employees, including maternity and paternity pay provisions, helping all employees to balance work and home life.

In recognition of this approach to staff development, we have achieved an Investors in People Silver award, which is based on a detailed assessment of our business and interviews with our employees. Our assessment report showed that many of our employees are "proud to work for a financial institution with an ethical conscience.”

Ros King, our Head of HR, said: "We’re keen to promote our ethical values across every strand of the organisation. This focus is clearly very important to our employees today, and a key reason that our staff have chosen to work with us."

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