How to get the most from the sales

Sales 650 X 300Across the country, prices are slashed on clothing, electronics, home furnishings and more. It has been estimated that nearly a quarter (23%) of all British people went shopping on the first day of the sales last year.

If you do plan to brave the crowds, here are some ideas to get the best from the sales.

Be a savvy shopper
Decide what you want and write a list to help you avoid impulse buys. If you didn’t ever think you needed it before you saw it at a vastly reduced price, then chances are that you won’t use it. Compare prices at different stores by doing a quick online search and check if the retailer will offer a ‘price match’.

Set a budget
Decide beforehand how much you’re willing and able to spend, and stick to it. This will help you not to get swept up in the atmosphere of sales shopping and spend more than you wanted to. Even if you do save hundreds of pounds on the normal retail price, if you’re spending money that you can’t afford to, you may regret it later.

Buy what you need for 2018
Have a good think about all the things you’re going to have to buy in 2018; perhaps birthday presents and cards for your family and friends? Wrapping paper? Stationery? New things for your home? Clothes? A summer holiday? It could be really good time to pick up these items at a reduced price and use them throughout 2018.

Online bargain hunting
If you’re happy to shop online, it may prove a more convenient alternative to braving the crowded shops. Although you don’t get to see or handle the items before they’re delivered, it is easier to compare prices from one store to another, purchases can be delivered to your door (or you can pick them up instore at quieter times like in the mornings) and you don’t have to battle through crowds of shoppers.

Know your Rights
Double check the retailer's returns policy for sale items before you buy. You can only return non-faulty goods for an exchange or refund if the retailer has a returns policy (which most shops do, but they’re not required to by law) and they may have different arrangements for sale items. If what you've bought is faulty, then you're entitled to a refund. Find out what your rights are when you shop in a sale here  


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