Fun and free winter activities

Winter Fun 650 X 300The cold winter weather may mean the kids will need to stay inside a little more. Does this mean pricey indoor entertainment venues such as soft play centres or cinemas? Not necessarily. Here are some ideas that involve spending time with your kids – whilst not spending too much money.

The most interesting thing for a child is their parents’ undivided attention. Embrace the weather as an opportunity to stay indoors and do some activities together with your kids. They’ll love to see your more playful side and you can create memories to treasure forever.

Arts and crafts
Make sure you have a lot of supplies available – they don’t have to be new. Use old magazines and papers for cutting out pictures for example, the cardboard tubes from toilet and kitchen roll can have endless uses (from trumpets to rockets). The ‘must haves’ are glue, coloured pens or paints and old clothes. Be prepared, as things could get messy.

Your own home cinema
Draw the curtains, turn off the lights….and with a little imagination, say hello to your living room home cinema for the afternoon. Check listings for a suitable film on TV (might be best to avoid channels with adverts as it takes far too long, and the breaks will be too distracting) or put on a DVD. It doesn’t need to be a film your children haven’t seen before - the atmosphere will make it special. You could even make your own popcorn – at a fraction of the price served at the cinema.

Letters for loved ones
When was the last time you received a lovely card or letter from a loved one, when it wasn’t your birthday or a celebration? This can be a lovely activity, for you, your children, and the lucky recipient. Encourage your children to think about what they really love about a person - you may get some surprising answers! Then they can draw a special picture, or maybe write a letter. These make wonderful keepsakes. Make sure that you deliver them - either by hand, if you live nearby, or popping it in their postbox.

If you don’t already belong to a library, now’s the time to head down there and sign up. Libraries are wonderful environments for children and there’s something for all ages and abilities. If your own favourite childhood book is in stock, make sure to show it to your kids to see if they know it. You may even want to take it out for reading at home later.

Check out what’s happening in your local area
You may be pleasantly surprised to find out what you can do in your local area for free. Country parks, historical sites, playgroups, often have special sessions for children. Find out by checking out your local papers, the internet and noticeboards at schools. GP surgeries and libraries are also good places to check out.

You may find that these activities save you some money. If you’d like to place it in a savings account, why not speak to us about our flexible range of savings accounts? You can find out more here.

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