How best to sell your home

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The process of selling your house can seem daunting, but putting in a bit of effort now could potentially pay real dividends. It’s easier – and cheaper – than you think.

Choose the right time
We are now at the start of the bumper period for buying houses, and it will last until June. Typically, there are more buyers, actively looking to buy a home. If you can, put your house on the market in this period and be as flexible as possible when it comes to viewings. To sell your house, you have to show your house, and the more people that see it, the better your chances of a sale.

Get the right estate agent
You need two things from an estate agent. Firstly, a track record of selling properties in your area, as this shows they know the market and will have access to people looking to buy in your area. Check out your local paper and go for a walk in your neighbourhood to see which estate agents are selling houses. Secondly, with more people than ever searching for houses online, choosing an estate agent with good links to a high-traffic property website is essential. As with any financial decision it pays to shop around – go and speak to a few estate agents to compare fees and commission before making a final decision.

Don’t keep it a secret
Tell everyone that you are selling, tell your neighbours, family, friends and colleagues in case they, or someone they know, is looking. Use social media to spread the word, including Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. This may turn up a few more potential buyers, and the more interest in your property, the more likely you are to sell.

Wondering what you need to get your house ready?

Do the ‘little jobs’
Every home owner has a list of jobs they’re going to do “when they get round to it”, like the loose tiling in the bathroom, the dent in the wall where door handle hit it, or the untidy garden. You may even have stopped noticing them, but nothing escapes the scrutiny of a buyer. They’re likely to see them as big jobs that will need doing straight away.

Do all you can to help the buyer imagine living in your home. This is impossible if every space is filled with your belongings. If you don’t have time for a thorough sort and declutter, box up all the belongings you don’t need (you’ll be surprised how many this is), and put them in storage. Leave enough to make your house look lived in – the idea is not to make your house look empty, but to showcase the available space. This way, the buyer can imagine their own belongings in your house, and you’ll have made a head start of packing for your new home.

A lick of paint
Another step to help buyers imagine themselves in your home is to paint rooms in neutral colours. Not only will these light colours make your rooms look bigger, but they’ll also provide a blank canvas for buyers.

Spring clean
Understandably, potential buyers scrutinize homes with a critical eye, so it is important to keep your house and garden clean. It’s unlikely you can keep your house spotlessly clean 7 days a week, so concentrate your efforts on when you’re most likely to get viewings.

Use light
Make your home as light as possible as it suggests space. Your spring cleaning will take care of your windows (even the weakest sun will show up marks) and allow as much natural light into your home. If the days are still quite dark, help improve the light in your home by replacing bulbs, having lamps in dark corners and putting mirrors in smaller rooms and hallways to reflect the light.

Make your house smell like a home
One of the most powerful human senses is smell and you have to make this work to your advantage by filling your home with smells that suggest a clean and welcoming environment. Fresh coffee, pine and lemon are recognized to be ‘good’ smells for house selling. Chances are, you may have everyday odours in your home that you’ve become accustomed to: from pets, the bin, the shoe cupboard. Although your spring cleaning will take care of most of these, make sure by asking a friend or family member if your home smells as clean as it could. Don’t take it personally if the answer is no; we all have our own smells in our home, but buyers may think it indicates a problem.

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