September: A beautiful month

September 650 X 300

September may not be a very popular month: the weather gets colder and we all know it won’t be long before the nights draw in but we've come up with six reasons to celebrate this beautiful month.

Back to School. After all the frantic buying and preparing of August, September is the month when you can relax – and perhaps even enjoy a few quiet moments as the kids go back to school.

It’s still warm and light. Yes, of course it’s not as warm as the amazing summer we’ve enjoyed, but September is the transition month and we can still expect to enjoy temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius. That means it’s still warm and relatively dry… and the clocks don’t go back until October. Enjoy it while you can.

Most big social events are over for the year. Summer is a time for celebration: there’s been Eid al-Fitr and, depending on the size of your family and friendship group, possibly a number of weddings too. Great fun though they were, now’s the month to relax and enjoy your free time (and perhaps even save money).

It’s harvest time. A lot of delicious fruit and vegetables come into season in September, including one of the nation’s favourite: the apple. Not only is seasonal food tasty, but it is also can be relatively cheap, as there can be more of it available.

Cheaper holiday destinations. For those able to travel outside of the school holidays, its well worth waiting until September to book a holiday in the sun. There are plenty of destinations where it's hot and sunny, with the added bonus of fewer crowds.

Enjoy the bug-free outdoors. One benefit of the steadily cooling weather is that small bugs and flies buzz off, allowing you relax with the family without being pestered by them. What better time to sit together outside than on a long September evening?

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