Turn your clutter into cash

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From the old exercise bike gathering dust in the spare room to the CDs you never listen to now that you’ve gone digital, nearly everyone has something in their house that they’ll never need again.

But what if you could turn that clutter into cash? Check out our quick guide to a few ways to get started.

eBay is one of the go-to online auctions and sales site – you can sell almost anything on there, and you can find hundreds of guides online on the smartest ways to get the best price. For example, the site is most active in the evenings, and Sunday evening is the best time to make a sale. With just a few quick pictures of your items and a detailed description, eBay could give great returns for minimum effort.

Car boot sales or local markets
If you have a spare weekend and enough appealing items to fill an old folding table, you’re all set for a car boot sale. Once the current restrictions on public gatherings are lifted, why not look around at the kinds of markets available in your local area – sometimes a market or car boot sale will have a particular focus, like antiques, books or clothing. You’re more likely to get the price you want at a specialist market but remember that all the buyers are there looking for a bargain, and you should be prepared to haggle.

Be prepared to get there early in the morning – that’s when the professional buyers are more likely to be on the prowl.

Facebook Marketplace
The power of social media is well known, and since Facebook has branched into a person-to-person sales platform, it’s become a great place to sell items, especially to local buyers. All you need is a Facebook account, a good photograph of the items you want to sell, and the time to reply to all the interested people who’ll message asking if it’s still available!

One in three adults access it at least once a month. It’s completely free to list items on Gumtree, and as they emphasise regional sales and exchange, it’s easy to sell heavy or bulky items for a local pick up.

MusicMagpie or CEX
For CDs, DVDs, computer games and some electrical equipment, there are shops that will buy your unwanted gear and sell it for a profit. This means that you probably won’t get the top price for it, but it’s a low hassle way to get rid of all those old CDs.
Sell your old mobile phones

You can sell mobile phones on almost any platform, but the simplest way is usually to go through a dedicated site, such as Envirofone. They estimate a price using the make, model, and condition, and provide free postage and quick payment. Remember to wipe all personal data from your phone before sending it off though, especially if you use it for activities such as online banking, sending emails, and accessing social media sites.

Sell unwanted jewellery
If you have any unwanted jewellery, broken chains, earrings that always felt too heavy – particularly in precious metals like gold – a local jeweller’s shop or an online scrap gold merchant could offer a fair price, even for those damaged items.

Give to charity
Of course, you may choose to give your items to a charity, to help those less fortunate than yourself.

This is not only a very noble decision, but very hassle free as you can simply deliver your unwanted items to the local shop. For larger items, such as furniture, many charities now provide free pick up. For more information, ask at your local charity shop or check online.

Stay safe online needless to say current social distances rules mean that many of the above activities are not possible at the moment, but there’s nothing to stop you getting ready for when these restriction are lifted, and as always, if you’re exchanging goods with someone on the internet, be very cautious about giving out personal information like your address and bank details, and only meet up in a place where you feel safe.

The above recommendations are provided as examples and are not an endorsement by Al Rayan Bank. Other organisations provide similar services. Al Rayan Bank is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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