How to sell your home

Selling Tips 650 X 300According to research, the average time it took to sell a house in the UK last year was 120 days. However, there’s some key steps that need to happen before your house goes on the market, to increase your chances of a smooth sale.

The price is right:
Find out sold house prices in your area for properties that are in a similar condition to yours here. This will help you to understand the market and may prove useful when choosing an estate agent because you’ll know if their valuations seem realistic.

Shop around for the right estate agent:
Estate agents don’t come cheap, so be prepared to shop around. Speak to several local agents; get them to give you valuations, and their fees and terms. If there’s something you don’t understand, ask before you sign on the dotted line.

You may also want to speak to your friends and family – do they have any recommendations? Walk around your neighborhood – what company seems to have the most ‘For Sale’ boards? Local knowledge is a good start, but how long does it take those houses to sell? Make sure any estate agent you are considering will get your home online quickly: good links to a high-traffic, search engine optimised property website is essential as this is the place where many house buyers look first.

Stage your home:
To sell your house you really need to ensure that it looks its best. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

• Cosmetic work
We all have those little jobs. You know the ones – the things you’re waiting for time to ‘get around to’. The time is now. Your house will never be under greater scrutiny than from potential buyers, who are likely to see your little jobs as big jobs that need doing straight away.

• Declutter
Get rid of your clutter, but don’t depersonalise. You have to help potential buyers imagine living in your home, with their own belongings. This is not possible if every space is filled with your belongings. If you don’t have time for a thorough sort and declutter, box up all the belongings you don’t need regular access to (you’ll be surprised how many this is), and put them in storage, away from your home.

• Paint
Potential buyers need a ‘blank’ canvas to project their own ideas onto, and that’s why painting your home in light, neutral colours – which also make your rooms appear larger – is worth the effort.

• Clean
It is very important to keep your house and garden clean. Keep the exterior of your house (including front garden and drive etc) tidy and clean at all times, as potential buyers may come and look, so it needs the best ‘kerb appeal’ possible. It’s unlikely you can keep your house spotlessly clean seven days a week, so concentrate your efforts when you’re most likely to get viewings: the weekend.

• Lighten
Make your home as light as possible as it suggests space. Keep windows clean to allow as much natural light into your home and improve the light in those dark months by replacing bulbs, placing lamps in dark corners and putting mirrors in smaller rooms and hallways to reflect the light.

Complete the documentation
You’ll need to complete several documents; get them ready now to avoid any potential delays to your sale. These range from proof of ID to Energy Performance Certificates and Property Information Forms. Speak to your estate agent (or look at some UK estate agent websites online) to find out more.

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