Investment Services

Generate profit from your wealth in a Sharia compliant way.

The Discretionary Portfolio Service (DPS) is provided by Praemium Administration Ltd and accredited by Al Rayan Bank. The DPS provides access to a series of investment portfolios which aim to generate profit from your wealth in a Sharia compliant and ethical way.

The investment portfolios can be held within an Individual Savings Account (ISA) or a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), helping your investments work harder for you, in a tax efficient manner.

Why is it called the Discretionary Portfolio Service?

  • The investment decisions are taken by a professional investment manager on your behalf.
  • Each portfolio has its own investment goals and pre-defined investment strategy.
  • The investment manager works to achieve these goals within the agreed remit. 

Sharia compliant investment

As well as aiming to offer attractive returns, the DPS ensures that the portfolios you invest in are managed in a Sharia compliant manner.

The Sharia Supervisory Committee at Al Rayan Bank has approved the portfolios in the DPS and also acts as the Sharia authority for the investment manager to ensure that the DPS remains Sharia compliant.

A brochure has also been provided for more information about the DPS.


Key partners

The DPS is brought to you through the shared expertise of a number of key partners:

Al Rayan Bank

  • Al Rayan Bank provides the Sharia compliance oversight for the DPS.

Praemium Administration Ltd (Praemium)

  • Praemium provides the investment management, acts as custodian of the assets and provides the administration of the investment portfolios. Click here to find out more about Praemium.

Praemium (UK) Ltd

  • Praemium (UK) Ltd provides the web based technology to administer the DPS. Click here to find out more about Praemium (UK) Ltd.

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How to invest

Why invest

The DPS offers access to a range of investment portfolios to match your appetite to risk. By investing through the DPS you:

  • Have the potential to generate higher returns compared to traditional bank or building society accounts.
  • Don't need to have the knowledge, time or confidence to actively manage your own portfolio.
  • Can be sure that the investments are Sharia compliant.

How to invest

The minimum investment you can make via the DPS is £10,000
The minimum additional investment is:

- £5,000 for a lump sum
- £250 for a regular monthly payment

If you are interested in finding out more about the DPS, you will need to speak to an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA).

Al Rayan Bank can put you in touch with an IFA who is experienced in Sharia investment and finance, and understands how this affects your investment decisions.

To arrange a meeting with an Independent Financial Advisor call 0800 4086 407 between 9.00am and 7.00pm, Monday to Friday, and between 9.00am and 1.00pm on Saturdays.

The advice and services offered by the IFA are totally independent of Al Rayan Bank PLC. A fee will be charged for this service. This fee is agreed upfront between yourself and the IFA.

A brochure has also been provided for more information about the DPS.

Fees and charges

There are charges associated with investment via the DPS. All fees are exclusive of VAT which is charged where applicable, and will be deducted from your investment account.

Once invested you will receive a regular DPS investment account statement that will detail the fees that you have been charged.

Advice fee

  • You will pay a fee for the advice you receive from the IFA, whether you use your own IFA or one suggested by Al Rayan Bank. The fee will be agreed up front between yourself and the IFA.

Set-up fee

  • There is a one-off DPS investment account set-up fee of £150, deducted from your initial investment.

Annual management fees

  • 0.85% is deducted annually from your DPS investment balance to cover the costs of investment. This is calculated as follows:
    • Annual investment management fee: 0.45% is payable to the investment manager for their professional services.
    • Annual custodian fees: 0.40% is payable to the administrators for the provision of custody and execution services.