Zakat service

Supporting the most vulnerable members of the community through Zakat.

For Muslims, Zakat is a Divine injunction and an ordinance from Allah himself. It is not a form of voluntary charity, alms giving or tax. Zakat is indispensable as it helps achieve reform, both financially and spiritually. It eliminates misery and greed from hearts and consolidates the economy, leading to its stability and prosperity.

Zakat refers to the determined share of wealth prescribed by Allah to be distributed among the deserving categories of those entitled to receive it.

The National Zakat Foundation (NZF) is a registered charity which aims to utilise Zakat funds and voluntary donations collected in the UK for the benefit of local, deserving recipients. This group includes some of the most vulnerable members of our community, including refugees, asylum seekers, single mothers, the elderly as well as the homeless. The work of NZF covers five core areas which together form an end-to-end service for the Muslim community in the UK with respect to Zakat: Awareness, Education, Calculation, Collection and Distribution.

As a modern British Muslim organisation with operations in London, Manchester and Birmingham, the NZF is a natural partner for Al Rayan Bank and we are proud to be supporting them. For more information, please visit

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Calculate your Zakat

Our Zakat calculator is brought to you in partnership with National Zakat Foundation, a groundbreaking initiative which aims to utilise Zakat funds and voluntary donations collected in the United Kingdom for the benefit of local, deserving recipients.  Click here to view our Zakat calculator.

Pay your Zakat

There are a number of ways to pay your Zakat. You can pay it online, over the phone or in a branch. To pay your Zakat directly to your preferred charity through any of the options above, you will need the following:

  • Charity account name
  • Charity account sort code
  • Charity account number

If you wish to pay your Zakat to NZF, please pay it to:

  • National Zakat Foundation
  • Al Rayan Bank Sort Code: 30-00-83
  • Al Rayan Bank Account Number: 01249702

If you are not registered for online banking or telephone banking and wish to register, please follow click here.

To find your nearest branch, please click here.

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