A guide to Online Business Banking

Our secure Online Business Banking service means it’s never been easier for businesses to bank with us. Here's a guide to how Al Rayan Bank business customers can access online banking and the facilities available through it.

Log on

Ensure you are in the Business and Community section of the website and then log on to your Online Business Banking through the link at the top right corner of every page.


(Above Al Rayan Bank Business & Community home page)

Enter your User ID and your password to continue


(Above: Business & Community online banking log on)

As an additional security measure, you will be asked to enter randomly selected characters from your memorable data.


(Above: memorable data log on)

Account overview

Once you have accessed your Online Business Banking profile, you can manage many aspects of your Al Rayan Bank accounts.


(Above: Business online banking account overview)

Bacs and FPS payments

From the ‘Account information’ section, you can see an account overview, view online statements and view and search Bacs and FPS (faster payment service) payments.


(Above: Account information > faster payments)

One off payments

The ‘one off payments’ section enables you to move money between Al Rayan Bank accounts, make a single or group payment and view a payment’s status. It is from this section that you add new single and group payees.

(Above: One off payments > add payee)

Add group payments


(Above: One off payments > add group payee)

From the ‘Regular payments’ section of Online Business Banking, you can add and view standing orders. You can also view direct debits. To set up a new direct debit please call us on 0800 408 6407.

Contact centre

The ‘Contact Centre’ section facilitates secure communication between you and us. You can use this section to manage many areas of your account. Contained within the ‘Write messages’ section are a number of form options, such as “Make a notice withdrawal’, ‘Standing order mandate’ or ‘Report a problem’. Completing these forms will send a secure instruction to us to complete the relevant action.


(Above: Contact Centre > write message)

Make a withdrawal


(Above: Contact Centre > make a notice withdrawal)

Set up a mandate


(Above: Contact Centre > standing order mandate)


‘Preferences’ allows you to administer your online business banking profile. Authorised users can be added or removed, their roles can be assigned and passwords, IDs and memorable information can be updated. You can also use this section to request paperless statements.

Assigning roles and accounts

To assign roles and accounts for a new user, you must first complete all mandatory details (highlighted with a red asterisk), then assign roles by ensuring that the following items are ticked:

• Instruction set up
• Account information
• Bulk payment

You can also select the accounts that new users can access by ticking the relevant account. Or, if new users are required to access all accounts, simply ‘select all’.


(Above: Preferences > add new user > new user details)

If the new user is required to authorise and release payments, this 'Assigned role' must be ticked.


(Above: Preferences > add new user > new user details, with authorisation included)

Dual authorisation

To set up the dual authorisation of payments, you should ensure that the ‘dual authorisation required for payment’ checkbox is ticked. You can then set the threshold.  In the below example the threshold is set at £1, which means that all payments over this amount will require dual authorisation.

After a payment has been keyed, the two authorised users are required to log in, check and authorise the payment.


(Above: Preferences > Company details > Dual authorisation)

Change user name, password and memorable information

To change your user name, password or memorable information, select the relevant item from the ‘Preferences’ section and then follow the on-screen instructions.


(Above: Preferences > Change User ID)


(Above: Preferences > Change password)


(Above: Preferences > Change memorable information)

Log Off

Remember, you should always log off when you leave Online Business Banking; this is the final option in the left-hand menu.


(Above: Log off)