Instant Access

Earn profit not interest on savings and have access 24/7.

These Sharia compliant savings accounts give your organisation access to its money whenever it needs it. We offer an On Demand Savings Account which can be used by post, online, by phone or through one of our branches. Alternatively for a higher expected profit rate, the Direct Savings Account offers access online or by post only.

If you register your Masjid or charity for online or telephone banking, funds can be deposited and withdrawn 24/7.

Instant access accounts are suitable if your business needs the flexibility of immediate access to its money. However, your business can earn a higher rate of profit if it is happy to provide notice on withdrawals, or can lock away its money for the longer term, in which case, consider our range of notice savings accounts or fixed term deposits.

Accoount Expected profit rate Min deposit amount  
On Demand Savings 0.05%* £500 Find out more
Direct Savings 0.15%* £1,000 Find out more

*Gross p.a.  Terms & conditions apply.