Fixed Term Deposits

Earn the highest level of profit on your savings with Al Rayan Bank by locking your money away for a fixed period.

These Sharia compliant savings accounts tend to pay the highest rate of profit of all our savings accounts. However, money needs to be locked away for a fixed period of time, agreed at the outset. Your business won't be able to get access to your money during that period. Also the minimum deposit required is a little higher than for other accounts.

We offer a range of fixed term deposits and the longer you lock your money away, the better the return.

Fixed term deposit accounts are suitable for businesses who have at least £1,000 to invest, which want to earn the highest rate of profit and don't need access to their money for a period of time. If you need the flexibility if instant withdrawals, consider our range of instant access savings accounts. Or if your business is looking for higher rates of profit but would prefer a shorter period of investment, consider our notice savings accounts.

Term Expected profit rate When profit is reinvested Min deposit amount  
12 Month FTD 2.15%* 2.17%** £1,000 Find out more
18 Month FTD 2.30%* 2.32%* £1,000 Find out more
24 Month FTD 2.40%*  2.42%** £1,000 Find out more
36 Month FTD 2.50%* 2.52%**  £1,000 Find out more

*Gross p.a. Terms & conditions apply.
**Where profit is reinvested and paid on maturity.