How to apply for an account online

All Al Rayan Bank personal savings products can be applied for online; the process is simple and quick. The following brief guide shows how you would apply for a typical savings account, the 120 Day Notice Account.


By clicking on either of the ‘Apply now’ buttons, customers are taken to the start of a secure online application process, where they are asked to select their chosen product and to provide some basic supporting information. 


New customers are requested to select their chosen savings account from a list.


Existing customers are invited to apply through their online banking dashboard.


Once the product selection has been completed, customers are asked to enter their personal information; fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

If more than one person is applying for an account, the information from all individuals must be entered at this stage.



If you are applying for a fixed rate deposit you will be asked to complete a product details page, however, for all other applications you will go straight to the Declaration page.


Once all personal data has been provided, customers are taken to a declaration page, where they are asked to read through important information about the use of customers’ data, marketing permissions and the customer’s personal information.

At this point in the process three documents are made available for the customer to download; they are:

  • Consumer Banking Terms and Conditions
  • Special Conditions
  • Personal Banking Tariff List


Customers are then invited to select their payment preferences; they can choose from bank transfer, cheque, direct debit or card.


After confirming that the account application is complete, the final screen will generate a welcome letter and a pre-filled application form for the customer to sign and return.

Customers can then return to the main website or conclude their visit entirely.

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